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Our SAT Course Curriculum

Apart from receiving the SAT Reference Books upon any course registration. You will also receive Prep Zone Academy’s SAT Math and Verbal manuals. Here’s an overview of the contents covered during the SAT course.


Reading sessions cover techniques used to understand the passages and answer the questions. These techniques include identifying different passage types, approaches to different passage types, identifying the main idea, author’s tone, inference and graph reading techniques.

Test Structure: Changes from the old SAT format, Passage types, Required approach, Question formats

Long Passages: Required approach, Paraphrasing, Main idea, Author’s tone, Fact finding, Inference, Vocabulary-in-context, Literary terms, Paired Passages

Paired Passages, Long Passages with Additional Materials: Paired passages strategies, Graph types, Graph reading techniques


Classes on writing aim to have students write in a cohesive manner with the proper use of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, expressions and essay writing.

Punctuation: Commas, Colons, Semi-colons
Grammar: Subject-verb agreement, Prepositional phrases, Pronouns, Verb Tense
Sentence Structure: Parallelism, Modifiers
Expression of Ideas: Transitions, Additions, Deletions, Revisions, Vocabulary in context
Essay Writing: Scoring, Planning, Organization


Students will be taught to answer questions on topics ranging from inequalities, statistics, geometry, graphs and equations.

Properties of Numbers: Factors, Multiples, Odd and even, Primes, LCM & HCF
Equations: Roots & Exponents, Complex numbers, Simplifying expressions, Solving linear equations, Quadratic equations, Factoring, Completing the square, Synthetic division
Inequalities: Inequalities, Absolute value
Functions: Definitions, Tables & Graphs
Word Problems: Percent, Interest- Simple & Compound, Ratio, Money Problems
Work Problems: Time-speed distance, Time-rate work
Statistics: Mean, median & mode, Range & Standard deviation, Margin of error, Confidence interval, Sequences, Probability
Data Representation: Data collection & Interpretation, Line graphs, Bar graphs, Stacked bar graphs, Pie charts
Geometry: Lines & Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles, Trigonometry, 3D Shapes, Volumes
Coordinate Geometry: Cartesian coordinates, Distance between points, Lines, Slopes, Midpoint, Equation of a line, Parallel & Perpendicular lines, Circles & Parabolas
Graphical Interpretation: Interpreting graphical models

Our sat course curriculum
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