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SAT & College Admissions Intro Seminar

The perfect starter guide to get into your dream college

In this seminar, we will discuss various SAT & ACT-related topics such as:

  • The general format of the SAT/ACT
  • The differences between SAT & ACT
  • The significance of SAT/ACT to your application profile
  • SAT/ACT test structure & general policies
  • Review SAT/ACT official questions
  • Review SAT/ACT score requirement
  • General preparation period for targeted colleges
  • Q/A Session

Free Registration

Time: 11 AM to 06:30 PM (book your slot)
Location: Santacruz or Vashi



Getting yourself into a reputable college does not solely depend on a high SAT/ACT score. There are other factors that contribute to a successful college application. This includes your academic performance, profile, references and application essays. You might feel overwhelmed by the application process, but know that the end result will be rewarding. With the right resources and proper planning, you will increase your chances of getting into your dream college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the seminar?

No, the seminar is completely free to attend, though you will have to register or let us know via phone (+91 22 26053400) before coming.

Are the presenters qualified to talk about these topics?

Yes, all the presenters have had years of experience working with our students and have built up many student profiles for top college programs around the world.

Who is Prep Zone Academy™?

We are Asia’s top multiple international test prep and university admissions consulting centre since 2006.

I cannot make it to the upcoming seminar. What do I do about it?

We run this seminar every week. So you can simply book the slot as per your availability.

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