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Most universities accept both SAT and ACT. Candidates should take the test that they score better in. There are candidates that take both tests and submit the higher score.

One way to determine which tests candidates should take, is to simply take a full length practice test for each. Prep Zone Academy offers free diagnostic tests for both ACT and SAT. You can also attend our introductory seminar, which discusses about SAT, ACT and College Admissions, or schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with our expert to gather a more detailed understanding of the differences.

Here is a comparison between SAT and ACT.

Time Per Question (Seconds)English (36), Math (60), Writing (52.5)English (48), Math (83), Writing (75)
Math FormulasMust be memorisedProvided in the test
Calculator AllowedIn entire testIn only one sub-test
Science SectionYesNo
Reading Section Weight25%27.1%
English / Writing Section Weight25%22.9%
Math Section Weight25%50%
Science Section Weight25%0%

Still can’t make a choice?

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